There are plenty of water sports to do in Marbella. From Sagesa Holidays we want to recommend the 5 that you can not miss so that you live Marbella in a unique and special way.


  1. Sailboat ride through Marbella

If Marbella seems beautiful to you, imagine living it from a sailboat, crossing the waters of the Mediterranean. In addition, in this experience, as long as the weather conditions allow it, you can enjoy a pleasant dinner on the high seas. We assure you that it is one of the most incredible places where you can have dinner. Even if you love it and you don’t want the experience to end so quickly, it is possible to spend the night on board.


  1. Ride a jet ski

One of the most recommended water activities in Marbella is the rental and enjoy a jet ski as long as you want. This experience can be lived alone or accompanied, since the jet skis have 2 seats. If you want to live a unique day full of emotion, venture out.


  1. Fly Board

The Fly Board consists of a mechanism that propels you underwater to air. It is very easy to control. With a few simple instructions and having a little balance, everyone can practice it.

Do you want to feel like a bird in full flight or swim like a dolphin in the same activity? This is your chance.


  1. Water skiing

Do you like surfing? And ski? If you feel both sensations, can you imagine living both in the same activity?

To perform this activity you must have good reflexes and balance. In this experience you will become a skier mounted on a board attached to a rope. You will be barefoot or mounted on a ski board and you will slide on the water. You’ll be thinking … How am I going to move? It is very easy, the boats will pull you moving at the incredible speed of 56 km / h.


  1. Diving

The seabed of Marbella is amazing. In this experience you can see how many marine species swim over you, but do not forget that you can not touch them, some can be dangerous. The sensation that you will experience, the marine animals that you will see and the sensation of peace that you breathe will make you disconnect to reconnect with more force, finding a sport that you may love.

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