A place with art inspires you to create more art. Versioning a recognized artistic work does not always suppose that the result has artistic value. But as students, things change, since it is endowed with great educational value. They strive to know both the creative and the exhibition process, thus being able to instill this philosophy within them and to bring out the artists within them.

This has been the case for some students of the Instituto Guadalpín de Marbella, who have mounted an exhibition with inspired photographs or who have covered some of the most recognized works of art. This exhibition is titled “Inside Art. Insight Art 2020” and can be found at the San Pedro Cultural Center.

Students go through all the phases of creation, expression of the idea, visit to photography laboratories, editing, talks with professionals from the world, contacts, etc.

Each student has chosen the two works with which they felt the most connection and has covered them, being able to find works by the renowned Van Gogh, Goya, Picasso or Kandinsky, as well as manga interpretations. With this each student can see their own art and define themselves, as well as can be seen from outside.

Two of the outstanding works are:

  • “La Joven de la perla” by Daniel Peña where the protagonist of the play is a boy who transmits fragility and delicacy.
  • Pop Art, where you play with the use of colors and feelings. If you look closely, you realize that the background of the work transmits a sensation to you, while the gestures of the model transmit a totally different one.

This work will be exhibited at the Cultural Center of San Pedro de Alcántara for a limited time, as well as at the institute.

In this way, the aim is to bring out the art of the students, endowing Marbella with a great culture and great art worth contemplating.