If Marbella is characterized by something, it is for its beaches, shops and nightlife, but it also has a multitude of highly recommended green areas to visit, such as the Constitution Park, a place full of mature trees, water fountains and winding roads where the Nature will be your faithful companion for as long as […]

Marbella is not just tourism and leisure activities. Today we are going to tell you about an event that will take place very soon. Marbella will host the 1st Business Leadership Forum. This event will take place on January 16 at 11.00, at the premises of Andalucía Lab. Cristóbal Garre, Councilor for Economic Development, presented […]

A Marbella restaurant among the winners with two Michelin stars.   The Cantabrian restaurant Cenador de Amos has been the only one in Spain and Portugal to get 3 Michelin stars. And, despite the fact that Dani García’s Marbella restaurant has lost the third Michelin star due to new business orientation, we are very happy […]

Although in our country at Christmas it is winter and our head is cold and snowy, we can choose destinations characterized by its Mediterranean climate and make the cold leave our life at this time, being able to enjoy it much more. Yes, we talk about Marbella. This amazing city will make you live a […]

A very frequent question when we are going to make any trip and we are not going to stay in the house of any friend or relative is: do I stay in an apartment or is a hotel better? Today we will answer why the best option is an apartment. Staying in an apartment can […]