Are you looking for a destination for your next vacation, for a long weekend or to spend a weekend? Do you want it to matter whether it is summer or winter? Would you like to enjoy a cosmopolitan atmosphere and also full of typical Andalusian charm? So, you are interested in knowing 7 reasons to visit Marbella, although in reality there are many more.

Why visit Marbella?

Although there are plenty of reasons, here are 7 reasons to visit Marbella:

  • Weather. The weather in Marbella is truly spectacular. With more than 300 days of sunshine each year and an average temperature of almost 20ºC, we can say that it is always a good time to visit the city. In summer you will enjoy hardly any rainy days and in winter you will enjoy sunny and warm days.
  • Beaches. Without a doubt, one of the main reasons to visit Marbella is to enjoy its more than 30 kilometers of beach. In addition, you will find all kinds of options, some located in the center of the city and others with impressive dunes and wild vegetation.
  • Old Town. The old part of the city invites you to lose yourself in its cobbled streets and enjoy its marked Arab style. Precisely its Castle of Arab and medieval origin is one of the must-sees, also the Plaza de los Naranjos or the Church of Our Lady of the Incarnation. Of course, you will find the typical white Andalusian houses with balconies full of flowers.
  • La Alameda Park. You will love this small park full of charm. Don’t miss its fountain dedicated to the Virgen del Rocío and take a photo on one of its benches decorated with Andalusian tiles.
  • Puerto Banús. It is the most elegant and distinguished marina on the peninsula. It is the meeting point for all the personalities that visit the city and also for tourists. The best thing to do is to start your route in the late afternoon, when its shops are still open, take a photo with its luxurious boats and enjoy a drink in the area.
  • Street markets. Strolling around one of the Marbella markets is always a good plan. You will find all kinds of objects: decorative pieces, clothing, jewelry, antiques or books, for example. On Saturday mornings you have the Nueva Andalucía Market and Puerto Banús, while on Monday mornings you can also enjoy the Marbella Market.
  • Excursions. Although the city has a lot to see, those who spend their holidays in apartments in Marbella can move freely without being bound by a hotel’s schedule. If this is your case, we invite you to visit Ronda, an impressive town in every way, the Picasso Museum in Malaga or the Sanctuary of the Virgen de la Fuensanta, for example, although the options are endless.

Undoubtedly, these 7 reasons to visit Marbella are already an incentive and that we have not talked about its exquisite cuisine, its fascinating nightlife, the many hiking trails it has or being able to practice your favorite water sport.

Of course, we offer you a good variety of accommodation in Marbella, you just have to choose which one you will spend your next vacation in.

This year is being the most atypical, but we should not stop enjoying it. One way to do this is to visit Marbella, where, in addition to the usual plans, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the Starlite with incredible concerts.

What is Starlite Festival?

The Starlite is the best boutique festival in Europe. Music, gastronomy, culture and an unbeatable atmosphere is what is breathed in this incredible festival.

One of the objectives of the Starlite Festival is that you enjoy unique concerts in an unbeatable place, without worrying about anything else, although this year you have to respect the protection measures. Starlite allows a complete experience, where in addition to the concerts, you can dine at a gourmet restaurant or sit at a table in the Sessions area so you can enjoy the DJs after the concert.

When is it celebrated?

It is the longest lasting festival in Europe, although this year it has had to be shortened due to the pandemic we are experiencing. It will last a month full of music. The concert stage begins on July 29 with Ketama at the helm and ends on August 29 with Juan Magán and Aitana.

Who is coming?

Many artists go through the Starlite Festival and all are delighted with the treatment and the atmosphere that is breathed in Marbella.

Every year the Starlite Gala is also celebrated, presented by Antonio Banderas and Sandra García-Sanjuán. It is a charity event where the solidarity work of those who have made the cause of others their own is rewarded.

The Starlite is attended by artists of great repercussion. We leave you a list of all of them, as well as the date of the concert:

  • Ketama → July 29th.
  • José de las Heras → July 29th and August 24th.
  • Juan Magán → July 30th, August 5th, 14th, 19th and 29th.
  • José Mercé → July 30th.
  • Marta Sánchez → July 31th.
  • Dvicio → August 1st.
  • 84 & Sinsinati & Marlon → August 3rd.
  • Yago Roche → August 3rd and 8th.
  • Antonio José → August 4th.
  • José de Rico → August 4th.
  • El Arrebato → August 5th.
  • Estrella Morente & Diego el Cigala → August 6th.
  • Lérica  → August 6th.
  • Taburete → August 7 th.
  • María Jiménez & Pitingo → August 8th.
  • Chema Rivas → August 10th y 21th.
  • Lola Índigo → August 10th.
  • Funambulista & Maldita Nerea → August 11th.
  • Henry Méndez → August 11th.
  • Ara Malikian → August 12th.
  • Oro Viejo → August 12th.
  • Beret → August 13th.
  • India Martínez → August 14th.
  • Sara Baras → August 15th.
  • Pica Pica → August 17th.
  • DCS → August 17th.
  • David Bisbal → August 18th.
  • Rozalén → August 19th.
  • Siempre así → August 20th.
  • Miguel Poveda → August 21th.
  • Luz Casal → August 22th.
  • Pablo López → August 24th.
  • Los Morancos → August 25th.
  • Melendi → August 26th.
  • Morat → August 27th and 28th.
  • Aitana → August 29th.


Regarding accommodation, Sagesa Holidays has a multitude of apartments adapted to your needs, so it will not be a problem either. What are you waiting for to enjoy a summer properly? You deserve it.


What do we offer you?

Sagesa Holidays has more than 35 years of experience renting tourist apartments. Currently, we position ourselves as an important company that offers rental services to a large number of owners in Elviria, one of the best areas of Marbella.

We carry out an exhaustive monitoring that allows us to control the day-to-day, intercept any problem before it occurs and try to avoid it. In the event that this happens, we would find a quick and effective solution so that you don’t have to worry about anything and focus on enjoying your stay, Marbella and everything that surrounds it.

The new normality has arrived and with it your holidays in Marbella


Sagesa Holidays is once again available to you, adapting the rules of the new normality to our company. We maintain the most demanding protection measures against any contagion that may occur, with some of the main protection measures being the following:

  • Our private homes are located in different buildings with a sufficient safety distance.
  • We carry out a complete and exhaustive cleaning of our apartments.
  • We disinfect both office areas and housing estates and apartments.
  • Protection of our staff.

These are just some of the standards that we have established because the health of our workers and clients cannot be exposed to the virus. All this, together with your responsibility, will allow you to live a summer without worries.

What type of apartments will you find?

We have three complexes with many apartments at your disposal, presenting the following characteristics:

  • Jardines de las Golondrinas:
    • Private apartment with 1 to 3 bedrooms.
    • Surrounded by gardens with waterfalls, ponds and ditches.
    • Furnished.
    • Capacity for 7 people.
    • 50 meters from the beach.
    • Air conditioning
    • Solarium.
    • Free parking.
  • Hacienda playa:
    • Private apartment with 2 bedrooms.
    • Furnished.
    • Capacity for 5 people.
    • 50 meters from the beach.
    • Surrounded by bars and restaurants with typical Marbella cuisine.
    • Free parking.
  • Jardines de Santa María Golf:
    • Private apartment with 2 bedrooms.
    • apartments.
    • Furnished.
    • Seating for 4 people.
    • 24-hour laundry, cleaning and telephone service.
    • Surrounded by golf courses, 4 swimming pools, gardens and vegetation.
    • 15 minutes walk from the beach.
    • Free parking.

Which one do you think best suits you? Are you still not clear? You can discover more about these apartments here and reserve yours.


We have already spent several days in the second phase of the de-escalation, a phase in which bathers and sun lovers can go to the beach as long as they do it responsibly and respecting safety distances. The City Council has made a distribution of the sand provided weeks before to outline the coastline for the beginning of the beach season.

Work is also underway to refurbish the promenade that was planned for Easter but could not be done by the declared Alarm State due to the pandemic we are experiencing.

And it is that more than 70 adjustments will be made in two sections of the promenade with the aim of improving the condition of the roadway and guaranteeing road safety.

It is expected to end in mid-June, helping pedestrians to walk much safer, avoiding any incident caused by road conditions and avoiding the inconvenience caused by the noise of the cobblestones. All this with the objective of keeping security and the city clean, since this is the identity symbol of the city.

On the other hand, many businesses are starting to open again, trying to make your trip to Marbella much more beautiful and enjoyable. If you come to Marbella this summer, contact us and we will take care of the accommodation.

Ángeles Muñoz, Mayor of Marbella, has asked the Government to allow the reopening of golf courses in phase 1, since it is a sport that can be practiced at a distance. In addition, this will allow about a thousand employees to return directly to their jobs, as well as many others indirectly, thereby starting the path of reactivating the economy of Marbella.

This was decided after the meeting of directors and managers of some of the most important golf courses in Marbella. In it, they talked about what this sport means for the economy and the economic fabric of the town, thereby helping to improve its international image and starting to work to reactivate tourism.

Angeles stressed that golf is practiced outdoors, allowing avoiding contact and maintaining a safe distance. According to her, reopening the fields with compliance with the health guarantees would make a decisive contribution to the image of Spain in the tourist markets.

This first contact with the business and tourism sectors of Marbella, in order to analyze the restart of economic activity and set the lines of collaboration and strategies, will be maintained over time with the aim of returning to normality as soon as possible .

The coronavirus has caused a productive blackout where a large part of the business sectors have been slowed down.

The de-escalation has begun, now it is time to comply with the established sanitary and economic measures to reactivate the economy and avoid having to return to severe confinement.

Together we will end the virus forever and reactivate the Spanish economy.

Soon you will be able to be on vacation in Marbella and, as we want to prevent you from wasting your time without knowing what to do, today we are going to tell you some plans to make your vacation incredible.

We have recommended you on more than one occasion places to visit for hiking and sports in Marbella and surroundings. Today our post is focused on enjoying the city, both day and night.

Marbella is famous for its beaches and its marina, better known as Puerto Banús, which is why they are essential on your trip. In addition, you play with the advantage that staying with Sagesa Holidays, you have the beach a few meters away, which makes it the perfect plan.

Of course, walking through the historic center is highly recommended. You will find beautiful whitewashed streets and shops that will transport you to another era. From there, you can continue to the promenade, enjoying the scenery, the sea breeze and a very good morning. You can have a nice coffee, noticing how everything returns to normal and breathing tranquility. Also go to the local museums and discover the history of Marbella.

Another plan that you cannot miss is Marbella at night. The excellent variety of restaurants is ideal to spend an unforgettable evening, dining in renowned places known for the quality of their cuisine. The difficult thing before so much variety will be to choose which one. After dinner, you can have a cocktail or a few drinks and enjoy the local clubs. Of course, enjoy responsibly, the next day you want to continue enjoying your vacation and discovering everything around you.

The City Council will activate the largest public investment and tax reduction plan produced to date in the city to face a totally unforeseen crisis until the pandemic came to Spain. The mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, has published a series of measures to reactivate the economic one that, according to her, would amount to 130 million euros.

A great crisis is coming and the data is not good for Marbella, two very important sectors such as construction and tourism being very affected. But the key is to anticipate before this happens and it is more difficult to get out of it. That is why the City Council has allocated 60 million euros to municipal investments and 10 million to employment and training. Work is also being done on a strategic plan to maintain employment and ensure that both SMEs and the self-employed are harmed as little as possible, so that all possible resources will be available to prevent the economic crisis from hitting us squarely. Angeles stated that those who have not been active will not have to pay taxes, which gives considerable respite to SMEs and the self-employed.

The Environment will be asked not to charge the beach bars for the occupation of the coastline and explained that the municipal administration will not issue receipts to beach establishments.

The blue zone will also be suspended and the use of public roads will be eliminated. The settlements of the current months will be annulled and the bonus will be raised at the time the economy reactivates again. With this, the City Council will be at the side of employers, managing to maintain many jobs.

On the other hand, it will also apply a bonus of 25% of the IBI of those properties related to leisure, hospitality, commerce and industry that prove the maintenance of their staff during this year. This is done with the aim that this reduction in taxes is linked to maintaining employment.

A 95% IAE bonus will also be maintained for those hotels that do not close in winter, with 50% also being applied to businesses and shops that employ the same number of employees as before the start of the crisis. There will be a 25% discount on the construction and facilities tax for premises linked to leisure, hospitality, commerce and industry.

No embargo will be made for tax debt, increasing the terms of deferment of the executive route and also making the payment of taxes more flexible.

Likewise, the streamlining of the supplier payment plan is a priority, with direct subsidies to SMEs that maintain their activity and the number of workers prior to the crisis, an objective to which 2 million euros will be allocated.

We must remember that it is not the first nor will it be the last serious crisis that occurs in the locality, but we are sure that we are going to get out of this, we have always done it and this time it will not be different.



A place with art inspires you to create more art. Versioning a recognized artistic work does not always suppose that the result has artistic value. But as students, things change, since it is endowed with great educational value. They strive to know both the creative and the exhibition process, thus being able to instill this philosophy within them and to bring out the artists within them.

This has been the case for some students of the Instituto Guadalpín de Marbella, who have mounted an exhibition with inspired photographs or who have covered some of the most recognized works of art. This exhibition is titled “Inside Art. Insight Art 2020” and can be found at the San Pedro Cultural Center.

Students go through all the phases of creation, expression of the idea, visit to photography laboratories, editing, talks with professionals from the world, contacts, etc.

Each student has chosen the two works with which they felt the most connection and has covered them, being able to find works by the renowned Van Gogh, Goya, Picasso or Kandinsky, as well as manga interpretations. With this each student can see their own art and define themselves, as well as can be seen from outside.

Two of the outstanding works are:

  • “La Joven de la perla” by Daniel Peña where the protagonist of the play is a boy who transmits fragility and delicacy.
  • Pop Art, where you play with the use of colors and feelings. If you look closely, you realize that the background of the work transmits a sensation to you, while the gestures of the model transmit a totally different one.

This work will be exhibited at the Cultural Center of San Pedro de Alcántara for a limited time, as well as at the institute.

In this way, the aim is to bring out the art of the students, endowing Marbella with a great culture and great art worth contemplating.

Again, Marbella continues to outperform itself. This time he hopes to become a national reference of gastronomy. And, if it succeeded, it would become the first non-provincial capital city to achieve it, since so far only capitals or autonomous communities have achieved it.

Ángeles Muñoz, mayor of Marbella, communicated it at the International Tourism Fair, FITUR, the recognized event they attended with gastronomy as the main claim.

Ángeles was accompanied by well-known people in the gastronomic field, such as Mauricio Giovanini, Francisco García, Fernando Alcalá, Lourdes Muñoz or María Asenjo among others. The mayor recalled that the gastronomic offer of Marbella is characterized by its breadth and variety, playing a strategic role in an increasingly competitive market. It should be noted, according to data from the Ministry of Tourism, that 10% of the total number of tourists who come to Spain to spend a few days, which are around 75 million, take into account the gastronomy when choosing their final destination.

Marbella has Michelin-starred restaurants, being the Andalusian city with the highest number of awards, in addition to a great gastronomic offer of high quality hotels, restaurants, bars and beach bars, making the town a unique culinary power.

He also thanked publicly those who from the gastronomic sector have made Marbella a name of reference. One of its objectives for this year is to achieve recognition of gastronomic capital. He firmly believes in his proposal thanks to the alliance between the local administration, gastronomic restaurants, industry partners and beach bars.

Gastronomy is one of the great complementary supports of Marbella, a brand that speaks for itself due to the strength of its positioning not only nationally, but internationally.

An event that stands out among those presented at Fitur is the renowned “Chefs for Children”, a charity activity that will be held on May 18 at the Los Monteros hotel. It will meet 30 Michelin star chefs with two objectives. On the one hand, highlight the importance of following a healthy diet and, on the other, collaborate with the Juegaterapia association, focused on making the day-to-day life of children who are on cancer treatment more bearable.

Of course, if you travel to Marbella, Sagesa Holidays is at your disposal, offering you the accommodation that best suits your needs, so that you feel totally comfortable and your stay is unique. We speak?

Marbella is synonymous with luxury and glamor. In fact, it is considered the luxury capital of the Costa del Sol and one of the most luxurious cities in Spain. The renowned Golden Mile plays a very important role in this assignment, since it has a multitude of impressive mansions that go from the city of Marbella to the famous Puerto Banús marina, a premium enclave at European level.

Know a little about its history

Although Puerto Banús is considered a luxurious place, it was originally a humble fishing village. We owe this change to José Banús, a successful real estate developer who started the construction of Nueva Andalucía in 1963, an urbanization where they could reside from the richest to middle class people.

But everything went beyond. In 1970, José Banús and Noldi Schreck, projected the creation of one of the most exclusive ports in Europe, preserving its essence to what it is today.

And its welcome was more than spectacular. 1700 guests came to inaugurate it, highlighting among them renowned characters such as Roman Polanski (film director), Hugh Heffner (owner of Play Boy), Christian Barnard (doctor) or the princes Rainier and Grace of Monaco.


Currently, a large number of yachts, high-end sports cars and glamorous boutiques of exclusive firms throughout the country are concentrated in this luxurious marina, with, of course, spectacular hotels and restaurants. All this has made it become the second Spanish destination that sells more luxury products, improving not only the economy of Marbella, but that of the entire Costa del Sol.

And you, what are you waiting for to visit Puerto Banús?