Traveling to Marbella from another country without knowing your language can be an inconvenience that, sometimes, leads to a change of destination or not to make the trip directly. Today we want to give you some tips so that your final decision is not affected by the native language of the destination.

Hire your stay before arriving at your destination

It is essential to arrive at a place with a place to sleep and more if we don’t know the language. Otherwise, you may not find availability in any hotel / apartment or have to pay more than estimated. Therefore, it is essential to leave this topic closed to avoid unforeseen events and take a bad experience at your destination.


Say goodbye to stress

The burden, stress or anxiety are factors that don’t help you achieve your goals or purposes, so it is better to leave them aside. Have you thought about the number of people who are at the airport and don’t know the language? You will not be the first or the last. In the end, you will always find a way to communicate.

Know the basic words of the language of the country of destination, as well as basic words in English

When we comment that you will always find a way to communicate, it doesn’t mean that it is not an effort to do so. Before making your trip you should learn some basic words in the language of the destination country, such as “hello”, “goodbye” or “thank you” among others. Of course, try to learn a basic level of English to understand with the other people, you will always find someone who speaks English in any destination, since it is the universal language.



Research your destination

Some habits vary depending on the country, so, perhaps, what you consider normal for you, in the country of destination is disrespectful. Read and investigate their way of life and customs and try to adapt when you get there.

Nonverbal language will help you

We use nonverbal communication more than we imagine. The gestures and expressions of the face are universal and, in many cases, serve to understand you with someone. Another option is to try to learn typical expressions of the country you are going to visit.


The mobile if you have internet connection, a phrase guide or a small dictionary are the key

Try to learn the phrases that you know are necessary to understand you. Even if you do, there can always be setbacks or unexpected phrases that can make you feel uncomfortable. Therefore, it is best to bring a Smartphone with internet connection, a phrase guide or a dictionary. Translators will help you understand texts in real time, being able to get you out of unexpected trouble.

Young people can be of great help

Young people are increasingly prepared, implying greater knowledge of languages. Young people usually speak English even if it is basic. If you approach them, they will surely do their best to try to understand you and help you to the best of your ability.

A map, essential to reach the key points

Point out the places you want to visit and get going. With this you will avoid having to ask to reach the points of interest.


And you, what more advice do you follow when you visit a place without knowing its language?


Marbella, in addition to monument tourism, also houses a wide variety of natural tourism, allowing the most active part to discover that wonderful part of Marbella that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Sierra Blanca is the mountain that protects Marbella, whose most visible peak declared a Biosphere Reserve by Unesco, called “La Concha”, is simply spectacular. It is very close to the Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park.


Hiking trails

We are going to recommend three spectacular hiking trails, although there are many more:

Marbella – Sierra Blanca – Puerto Rico – Puerto Pitas – Arroyo Guadalpín

It is a route of approximately 12 kilometers with a moderate difficulty. The views from this route are incredible. You will see valleys and ravines full of nature, highlighting its pine forests and vegetation.

The whole path is very beautiful, highlighting its passage through the stream covered with vegetation (although its path is open and marked), crossing it several times.

Xarblanca – Camojan Waterfall – Hermitage of the Monks

In this route, of 5.46 km and easy intensity, you will cross the Arroyo de Guadalpin, going up to the Cascada de Camojan and Altos Reales urbanization, being able to observe the wonderful waterfall. On this route you will contemplate the Cañada de la Rana, the Hermitage of the Monks and, although it is not within the route, you can see the Cascada de Puente Palo, the Charco de Chorreadero and the Cascada de la Laja.

Bajadilla Beach – Cruz de Juanar

It is a route of almost 14kms and of moderate intensity. We recommend you to leave from Bajadilla Beach, go through Marbella towards the cemetery, where you will enter Puerto Rico, being able to contemplate the streams of the Port, the Laja and the Cascada del Arroyo. Later, you will go up to Puerto Rico Alto, following the Port of Juan Benítez, the Port of Marbella and the Cruz de Juanar. It is a highly recommended path where you can enjoy unparalleled views.


Urban paths

The urban paths are a network of green routes in full urban centers Marbella, San Pedro de Alcántara and Las Chapas, which will help you to know the rich biodiversity that Marbella has.

It is a 5-kilometer circular route with informative signs in Spanish and English, covering more than 20 spaces in the city.

You can enter the urban biodiversity to which the paths of this town invites you. You will discover peculiar botanical species such as urban birds. After making this itinerary you will have a deeper knowledge of urban biodiversity, public spaces and its history, encouraging, of course, healthy habits.


National Park of Sierra Bermeja and Sierra de las Nieves

This Natural Park ensures the conservation of the ultramafic massif of Sierra Bermeja and the pinsapos of the Sierra de las Nieves and Sierra Bermeja. It is an immense space where you can find countless places to visit, the most essential being the following:

  • Top of the Torrecilla.
  • Rock of the lovers.
  • Pinsapo of the Escalereta.
  • Water Cave
  • Forest Guard viewpoint.
  • Turón River.
  • Green River.
  • Pinsapares.

And you, which one are you going to do next?

There are many factors that highlight the Costa del Sol, one of them being the gastronomic richness that it has. Every year there are many gastronomic events that reaffirm it. And, although in Spain some of the best cheeses are manufactured internationally, its consumption still does not match countries such as France or Italy.

With the aim of promoting knowledge of this type of cheese, fairs are held where you can taste many of them. Last weekend was held in Teba and next will take place in our beloved Marbella, where you can find renowned celebrities and industry experts.

In this fair we can find the best local, provincial and national cheeses. It is focused on hospitality professionals, executive chefs, restaurant managers, food and beverage managers and, of course, anyone who wishes to attend. This fair is inspired by Cheese, a Cheese fair held in Bra, Italy.

It is an event where cheese makers and professional consumers and cheese lovers will come together, knowing more fully the value of this product.


What awaits me at this fair?

This fair will begin on Thursday, October 17, where cheese makers and hospitality professionals will meet at the El Lago de Marbella restaurant. There a training session will be held for the participating cheese makers, led by José Luis Martín and Paco García. Cheesemakers can also present their proposals to professionals. The day will end with a dinner based on dishes made with cheese.

On Friday it will be characterized by the tasting carried out for the final public in the Central Market of Marbella, where more than 30 cheese shops will market their products in the Historic Center of Marbella until Saturday, the day of completion of the event. This day there will also be different workshops and tastings.

Each year the number of visitors to the marina in Marbella is increasing. But this summer has far exceeded the expected statistics. The space dedicated to ships has been fully occupied, with an extensive waiting list in all lengths. So much so that the town raised months ago to extend the waiting dock, being subsequently approved and being accelerated by this increase. The works are expected to begin this month and be ready in a couple of months.

Currently, the marina of Marbella has 377 berths, with a large percentage (60%) being owned or rented boats that are docked monthly or annually. The rest corresponds to weekly or multi-day rentals, which are those that have had a waiting list from June to August.

Therefore, the level of activity of the port has increased, increasing the demand for activities carried out there, such as the rental of jet skis, paddle surfing, catamarans, diving, snorkeling and endless marine activities. And not only that, but it has also improved the local economy, as well as nearby towns.

Until 12 years ago, the marina of Marbella had only 6 establishments, but after the reception of this, which began its activity at that time, has only grown, exponentially increasing the number of visitors and establishments located in the zone.

Therefore, the planned action routes are several:

  • Extension of the waiting dock. The draft of the vessels that dock in that part of the enclosure will be expanded.
  • Dredging. The inlet of the port will be reinforced, in order to clean the seabed of the port. Although for this, we have to wait a little longer, until 2020, since they are currently conducting bathymetry studies, analyzing the amount of sand that is recommended to remove.

Finally, although it is not an extension action as such, it is also intended to improve the environment of the port and make a new decoration of the car park, with the aim of integrating much more with the image of the city.

Learning a new language is not easy. Sometimes, the fear of ridicule or shyness prevents us from advancing enough or feeling safe speaking another language. Therefore, it is best to go to a language school and learn from professionals with great experience in the language or, sometimes, native so that you can be sure to really learn the language and leave fear aside.


What advantages can I have if I learn a language correctly?

Dedicating time, money and effort to a language is something we appreciate in the long term.

Sometimes, it is a plus to find that job for which we have fought so hard. You can also help us find a better job or make our income higher. Also, if we are working and we know several languages, we may get the number of clients of our company to be higher.

If you are going to study at the university knowing languages ​​it is also an added value that characterizes you and that not everyone will have. Sometimes, you have to make presentations in other languages ​​or understand texts to pass a subject.

Another advantage is that you can open your mind allowing yourself to see the world different and much more exciting.

Also, your social circle will increase, since you can communicate with many more people.


What language academies can I find in Marbella and what languages ​​will I learn?

Here is an infographic to make it easier for you to compare language schools so you can choose the one that best suits your needs:


And you, have you already chosen your language school in Marbella?

Marbella celebrates one more year the much desired POP party, which multiplies its number of visitors every year. This year it will be held at the Hotel Don Carlos in Marbella from December 2 to 8, where a multitude of novelties will be included as a rigorous selection of restaurants, where different EVOOs (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) will be presented worldwide. The protagonists of the High Gastronomy of Andalusia meet to celebrate the arrival of the new harvest of the best extra virgin olive oils Primum Oleum Premium (POP).

Each member will offer both EVOOs and dishes made with the oils participating in this event to taste them, to increase the range of action and interactivity of this rich gastronomic experience.

We will also attend gastronomic bloggers and professional hoteliers who will prepare personalized dishes for later tasting.

After the selection of the best oil mills to attend the increasingly recognized event with the seal # AOVEPOP2020 in its packaging and various communication media. This is a multitude of advantages for the POP party as the organizers have highlighted, the main ones being the following:

  1. We facilitate commercial entry into the Costa del Sol market through the best restaurants and professionals.
  2. Those responsible for the hospitality industry can also increase the value of EVOO and its culture benefiting tourism.
  3. Promoting seasonality.
  4. Improves knowledge about extra virgin olive oil and gastronomy for the end customer.

Marbella All Stars has presented 3 commercial proposals for the oil mills to present new crops in the references to EVOOs: Acebuche Platinum, Olivo Milenario and Envero.


What can I find in this event?

Throughout the week, the highest quality EVOO selections will be present, present in the restaurants to taste and dishes of the Menu. In addition, there will be experiences to boost the culture of this rich food. In addition to this, we can find:

  • Opening dinners.
  • Tastings prepared in a personalized way by well-known chefs in the sector.
  • Almazaras Catwalk, where the main oil mills nationwide will present their first EVOOs, as well as the kitchen-centered containers.
  • “AOEVE ALL STARS” awards for:
    • Better presentation, packaging and Marketing development.
    • Best gift and Christmas gift packaging.


Where can I stay?

If you are clear that this event is for you, do not worry about the accommodation, we have several complexes available for you, so you can feel unique inside and outside the event. You just have to contact us and we will take care of the rest. We hope to see you there.


Puerto Banús is one of the most recognized nautical and tourist enclaves in southern Europe. It was born in 1970 and since then it focuses on tourism, nautical and exclusive leisure, managing to be an international benchmark for luxury, sports, shopping and gastronomy, as well as a powerful boost for the economy of the Costa del Sol.

In addition, we have to add its Mediterranean climate, increasing the number of visitors to Marbella, making them enjoy unique days.

Puerto Banús prevails in the ranking of exclusivity of the European marinas, leading this classification. Some of the factors that have made this happen is its wonderful location, as well as the amount of luxury stores and existing restaurants, positioning this place as a benchmark in the sector.

The top 5 in this ranking are led (in addition to Puerto Banús), the Spanish port Ibiza Magna, the Italian marina of Porto Cervo (Sardinia), Marina Grande (Capri) and Marina di Portofino (Portofino) in order from highest to lowest exclusivity .

Currently, it has 915 boat moorings that are distributed over 15 hectares with personalized and exclusive port services and nautical activities.


What will you find in Puerto Banus?

We all know, at least the spanish people, that going to Puerto Banus means finding impressive yachts, luxurious cars and exclusive shops.

In Puerto Banus there is a street full of white houses reminiscent of a town. The exclusivity is found when you start walking around here, finding boutiques and stores of internationally recognized brands. Some examples are Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci or Louis Vuitton. Bars and restaurants there are for all types of public, from fast food chains or ice cream parlors to more elegant and expensive restaurants.

You will also find countless cars and impressive yachts that will make you fall in love, prolonging your walk to see them all.

There is also a path with wooden boards next to the beach, which is highly recommended.

And you, do you dare to visit Puerto Banus? No matter that you have already been, it is a magical place that you always like to return to.

There are plenty of water sports to do in Marbella. From Sagesa Holidays we want to recommend the 5 that you can not miss so that you live Marbella in a unique and special way.


  1. Sailboat ride through Marbella

If Marbella seems beautiful to you, imagine living it from a sailboat, crossing the waters of the Mediterranean. In addition, in this experience, as long as the weather conditions allow it, you can enjoy a pleasant dinner on the high seas. We assure you that it is one of the most incredible places where you can have dinner. Even if you love it and you don’t want the experience to end so quickly, it is possible to spend the night on board.


  1. Ride a jet ski

One of the most recommended water activities in Marbella is the rental and enjoy a jet ski as long as you want. This experience can be lived alone or accompanied, since the jet skis have 2 seats. If you want to live a unique day full of emotion, venture out.


  1. Fly Board

The Fly Board consists of a mechanism that propels you underwater to air. It is very easy to control. With a few simple instructions and having a little balance, everyone can practice it.

Do you want to feel like a bird in full flight or swim like a dolphin in the same activity? This is your chance.


  1. Water skiing

Do you like surfing? And ski? If you feel both sensations, can you imagine living both in the same activity?

To perform this activity you must have good reflexes and balance. In this experience you will become a skier mounted on a board attached to a rope. You will be barefoot or mounted on a ski board and you will slide on the water. You’ll be thinking … How am I going to move? It is very easy, the boats will pull you moving at the incredible speed of 56 km / h.


  1. Diving

The seabed of Marbella is amazing. In this experience you can see how many marine species swim over you, but do not forget that you can not touch them, some can be dangerous. The sensation that you will experience, the marine animals that you will see and the sensation of peace that you breathe will make you disconnect to reconnect with more force, finding a sport that you may love.

Contact us if you are going to visit Marbella and we will help you find accommodation in lovely places.

As we showed you in the previous article, the gastronomic offer of Marbella is very rich and varied. As we know that 5 restaurants can tell you little before a place like Marbella, and you will want to keep trying more, we continue to recommend some restaurants:


  1. Ta Kumi


If you love feeling unique you have to visit Ta Kumi, a Japanese restaurant characterized by Japanese cuisine managed by the Japanese Toshio Tsutsui and the Spanish Álvaro Arbeloa. A product that we are recommending is sushi.

It is located on Marañon Street, 4.


  1. Don Giovanni

Don Giovanni is a totally Italian restaurant where you can highlight its fresh pasta, pasta made with homemade sauces or its elaborate pizzas. They are high quality products and very well made. Ah, don’t leave Don Giovanni without trying their delicious wines.

This restaurant is located on Antonio Belón Avenue, 3.


  1. Dani García

Dani García is the only one with two Michelin stars. If you visit Marbella you can not miss its magnificent restaurant, careful to the smallest detail, where its kitchen full of talent stands out. Its Andalusian dishes, its local products, its innovation, its balance, the taste of its food, its exoticism, its decoration and the customer service are some of the factors that make it a reference restaurant on the Costa del Sol.

The Dani García restaurant has recently moved. Before he was at the Meliá Don Pepe hotel. Currently, he has moved to the Puente Romano Hotel, located on Prince Alfonso Hohenlohe Boulevard, s / n.


  1. Café Garum

In this restaurant you can eat enjoying the sea. Its name is due to a peculiar sauce composed of tuna, wine, vinegar and oil, whose smell activates your sensations and makes you want to try it. If that happens to you just by smelling it, imagine tasting it or watching its presentations at the meals that this magnificent restaurant prepares for you. Surely we have already awakened the desire to go.

Café Garum is located on the promenade of Marbella.


  1. Trocadero Arena

Tocadero Arena is not a beach bar anymore. It is a luxurious beach bar located on the beach of Rio Real, at the exit of Marbella. Its decoration is spectacular and its cuisine is characterized by being quite self-demanding, making customers fully enjoy what they are eating. At noon there are usually more informal dishes, such as rice, salads or fried foods, and at night much more care like red meat or grilled fish.

Trocadero Arena is located in Playa de Río Real, road N340, km 186.


Do not forget to tell us what you think when you try them.

It is very easy to make your mouth water in Marbella, since in many of its incredible kitchens you can breathe glamor, luxury and a delicious smell of food that you are wishing to try.

Treat yourself and live your vacation in Marbella eating spectacular dishes. Here are some of its best restaurants:


  1. Bibo

It is magnificent restaurant very busy daily. It is an Andalusian braserie with a Marbellí touch, opened by Dani García. It has a wide offer adapted to all audiences. Here you can take from a simple tapa to much more elaborate meals such as roasted lamb or T-Bone tuna among other aspects.

It is located in the Puente Romano Hotel, Prince Alfonso Hohenlohe Boulevard, s / n.


  1. Messina

Messina is a restaurant run and managed by two renowned Argentine chefs and some employees who have had to hire due to the large volume of work. The world of cooking united them and now they are married. Its cuisine is characterized by the use of high quality local products mostly full of creativity, own style, bright and surprising. Each dish is made with great technique and elaboration.

Messina is located at Avenida Severo Ocha, 12.


  1. Skina

Skina is located in a charming little street in the old town of Marbella. This little restaurant has a Michelin star. Eating in Skina means feeling unique, both inside, for its quality and delicacy, as outside, on its summer terrace, for the landscape you are surrounded by and the atmosphere you breathe.

This restaurant is characterized by its creative Mediterranean cuisine with Andalusian touches that leave no one indifferent.

Skina is located on Aduar Street, number 12.


  1. El Lago

This restaurant also has a Michelin star for the richness of its dishes. Some of the most famous are the marinated urta, the tuna tartar with kimchi ajoblanco or the Malaga goat shoulder shoulder.

The lake has a lovely terrace on the large lake of the golf course that surrounds the restaurant.

It is located in Las Cumbres Avenue, s / n.


  1. El Ancla

Can you imagine eating in a quality restaurant breathing the sea breeze? It is what houses this restaurant. It has a terrace where it seems that you are eating on the high seas. Enjoy all kinds of meals such as classic fritters, the Strait bream, totally recommended, or fish from neighboring ports, among many other high quality dishes.

It is located on Avenida Carmen Sevilla, s / n. in San Pedro de Alcántara (district of Marbella).