We have already spent several days in the second phase of the de-escalation, a phase in which bathers and sun lovers can go to the beach as long as they do it responsibly and respecting safety distances. The City Council has made a distribution of the sand provided weeks before to outline the coastline for the beginning of the beach season.

Work is also underway to refurbish the promenade that was planned for Easter but could not be done by the declared Alarm State due to the pandemic we are experiencing.

And it is that more than 70 adjustments will be made in two sections of the promenade with the aim of improving the condition of the roadway and guaranteeing road safety.

It is expected to end in mid-June, helping pedestrians to walk much safer, avoiding any incident caused by road conditions and avoiding the inconvenience caused by the noise of the cobblestones. All this with the objective of keeping security and the city clean, since this is the identity symbol of the city.

On the other hand, many businesses are starting to open again, trying to make your trip to Marbella much more beautiful and enjoyable. If you come to Marbella this summer, contact us and we will take care of the accommodation.