There are many factors that highlight the Costa del Sol, one of them being the gastronomic richness that it has. Every year there are many gastronomic events that reaffirm it. And, although in Spain some of the best cheeses are manufactured internationally, its consumption still does not match countries such as France or Italy.

With the aim of promoting knowledge of this type of cheese, fairs are held where you can taste many of them. Last weekend was held in Teba and next will take place in our beloved Marbella, where you can find renowned celebrities and industry experts.

In this fair we can find the best local, provincial and national cheeses. It is focused on hospitality professionals, executive chefs, restaurant managers, food and beverage managers and, of course, anyone who wishes to attend. This fair is inspired by Cheese, a Cheese fair held in Bra, Italy.

It is an event where cheese makers and professional consumers and cheese lovers will come together, knowing more fully the value of this product.


What awaits me at this fair?

This fair will begin on Thursday, October 17, where cheese makers and hospitality professionals will meet at the El Lago de Marbella restaurant. There a training session will be held for the participating cheese makers, led by José Luis Martín and Paco García. Cheesemakers can also present their proposals to professionals. The day will end with a dinner based on dishes made with cheese.

On Friday it will be characterized by the tasting carried out for the final public in the Central Market of Marbella, where more than 30 cheese shops will market their products in the Historic Center of Marbella until Saturday, the day of completion of the event. This day there will also be different workshops and tastings.