Marbella celebrates one more year the much desired POP party, which multiplies its number of visitors every year. This year it will be held at the Hotel Don Carlos in Marbella from December 2 to 8, where a multitude of novelties will be included as a rigorous selection of restaurants, where different EVOOs (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) will be presented worldwide. The protagonists of the High Gastronomy of Andalusia meet to celebrate the arrival of the new harvest of the best extra virgin olive oils Primum Oleum Premium (POP).

Each member will offer both EVOOs and dishes made with the oils participating in this event to taste them, to increase the range of action and interactivity of this rich gastronomic experience.

We will also attend gastronomic bloggers and professional hoteliers who will prepare personalized dishes for later tasting.

After the selection of the best oil mills to attend the increasingly recognized event with the seal # AOVEPOP2020 in its packaging and various communication media. This is a multitude of advantages for the POP party as the organizers have highlighted, the main ones being the following:

  1. We facilitate commercial entry into the Costa del Sol market through the best restaurants and professionals.
  2. Those responsible for the hospitality industry can also increase the value of EVOO and its culture benefiting tourism.
  3. Promoting seasonality.
  4. Improves knowledge about extra virgin olive oil and gastronomy for the end customer.

Marbella All Stars has presented 3 commercial proposals for the oil mills to present new crops in the references to EVOOs: Acebuche Platinum, Olivo Milenario and Envero.


What can I find in this event?

Throughout the week, the highest quality EVOO selections will be present, present in the restaurants to taste and dishes of the Menu. In addition, there will be experiences to boost the culture of this rich food. In addition to this, we can find:

  • Opening dinners.
  • Tastings prepared in a personalized way by well-known chefs in the sector.
  • Almazaras Catwalk, where the main oil mills nationwide will present their first EVOOs, as well as the kitchen-centered containers.
  • “AOEVE ALL STARS” awards for:
    • Better presentation, packaging and Marketing development.
    • Best gift and Christmas gift packaging.


Where can I stay?

If you are clear that this event is for you, do not worry about the accommodation, we have several complexes available for you, so you can feel unique inside and outside the event. You just have to contact us and we will take care of the rest. We hope to see you there.