Soon you will be able to be on vacation in Marbella and, as we want to prevent you from wasting your time without knowing what to do, today we are going to tell you some plans to make your vacation incredible.

We have recommended you on more than one occasion places to visit for hiking and sports in Marbella and surroundings. Today our post is focused on enjoying the city, both day and night.

Marbella is famous for its beaches and its marina, better known as Puerto Banús, which is why they are essential on your trip. In addition, you play with the advantage that staying with Sagesa Holidays, you have the beach a few meters away, which makes it the perfect plan.

Of course, walking through the historic center is highly recommended. You will find beautiful whitewashed streets and shops that will transport you to another era. From there, you can continue to the promenade, enjoying the scenery, the sea breeze and a very good morning. You can have a nice coffee, noticing how everything returns to normal and breathing tranquility. Also go to the local museums and discover the history of Marbella.

Another plan that you cannot miss is Marbella at night. The excellent variety of restaurants is ideal to spend an unforgettable evening, dining in renowned places known for the quality of their cuisine. The difficult thing before so much variety will be to choose which one. After dinner, you can have a cocktail or a few drinks and enjoy the local clubs. Of course, enjoy responsibly, the next day you want to continue enjoying your vacation and discovering everything around you.