Ángeles Muñoz, Mayor of Marbella, has asked the Government to allow the reopening of golf courses in phase 1, since it is a sport that can be practiced at a distance. In addition, this will allow about a thousand employees to return directly to their jobs, as well as many others indirectly, thereby starting the path of reactivating the economy of Marbella.

This was decided after the meeting of directors and managers of some of the most important golf courses in Marbella. In it, they talked about what this sport means for the economy and the economic fabric of the town, thereby helping to improve its international image and starting to work to reactivate tourism.

Angeles stressed that golf is practiced outdoors, allowing avoiding contact and maintaining a safe distance. According to her, reopening the fields with compliance with the health guarantees would make a decisive contribution to the image of Spain in the tourist markets.

This first contact with the business and tourism sectors of Marbella, in order to analyze the restart of economic activity and set the lines of collaboration and strategies, will be maintained over time with the aim of returning to normality as soon as possible .

The coronavirus has caused a productive blackout where a large part of the business sectors have been slowed down.

The de-escalation has begun, now it is time to comply with the established sanitary and economic measures to reactivate the economy and avoid having to return to severe confinement.

Together we will end the virus forever and reactivate the Spanish economy.