Marbella is synonymous with luxury and glamor. In fact, it is considered the luxury capital of the Costa del Sol and one of the most luxurious cities in Spain. The renowned Golden Mile plays a very important role in this assignment, since it has a multitude of impressive mansions that go from the city of Marbella to the famous Puerto Banús marina, a premium enclave at European level.

Know a little about its history

Although Puerto Banús is considered a luxurious place, it was originally a humble fishing village. We owe this change to José Banús, a successful real estate developer who started the construction of Nueva Andalucía in 1963, an urbanization where they could reside from the richest to middle class people.

But everything went beyond. In 1970, José Banús and Noldi Schreck, projected the creation of one of the most exclusive ports in Europe, preserving its essence to what it is today.

And its welcome was more than spectacular. 1700 guests came to inaugurate it, highlighting among them renowned characters such as Roman Polanski (film director), Hugh Heffner (owner of Play Boy), Christian Barnard (doctor) or the princes Rainier and Grace of Monaco.


Currently, a large number of yachts, high-end sports cars and glamorous boutiques of exclusive firms throughout the country are concentrated in this luxurious marina, with, of course, spectacular hotels and restaurants. All this has made it become the second Spanish destination that sells more luxury products, improving not only the economy of Marbella, but that of the entire Costa del Sol.

And you, what are you waiting for to visit Puerto Banús?