This year is being the most atypical, but we should not stop enjoying it. One way to do this is to visit Marbella, where, in addition to the usual plans, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the Starlite with incredible concerts.

What is Starlite Festival?

The Starlite is the best boutique festival in Europe. Music, gastronomy, culture and an unbeatable atmosphere is what is breathed in this incredible festival.

One of the objectives of the Starlite Festival is that you enjoy unique concerts in an unbeatable place, without worrying about anything else, although this year you have to respect the protection measures. Starlite allows a complete experience, where in addition to the concerts, you can dine at a gourmet restaurant or sit at a table in the Sessions area so you can enjoy the DJs after the concert.

When is it celebrated?

It is the longest lasting festival in Europe, although this year it has had to be shortened due to the pandemic we are experiencing. It will last a month full of music. The concert stage begins on July 29 with Ketama at the helm and ends on August 29 with Juan Magán and Aitana.

Who is coming?

Many artists go through the Starlite Festival and all are delighted with the treatment and the atmosphere that is breathed in Marbella.

Every year the Starlite Gala is also celebrated, presented by Antonio Banderas and Sandra García-Sanjuán. It is a charity event where the solidarity work of those who have made the cause of others their own is rewarded.

The Starlite is attended by artists of great repercussion. We leave you a list of all of them, as well as the date of the concert:

  • Ketama → July 29th.
  • José de las Heras → July 29th and August 24th.
  • Juan Magán → July 30th, August 5th, 14th, 19th and 29th.
  • José Mercé → July 30th.
  • Marta Sánchez → July 31th.
  • Dvicio → August 1st.
  • 84 & Sinsinati & Marlon → August 3rd.
  • Yago Roche → August 3rd and 8th.
  • Antonio José → August 4th.
  • José de Rico → August 4th.
  • El Arrebato → August 5th.
  • Estrella Morente & Diego el Cigala → August 6th.
  • Lérica  → August 6th.
  • Taburete → August 7 th.
  • María Jiménez & Pitingo → August 8th.
  • Chema Rivas → August 10th y 21th.
  • Lola Índigo → August 10th.
  • Funambulista & Maldita Nerea → August 11th.
  • Henry Méndez → August 11th.
  • Ara Malikian → August 12th.
  • Oro Viejo → August 12th.
  • Beret → August 13th.
  • India Martínez → August 14th.
  • Sara Baras → August 15th.
  • Pica Pica → August 17th.
  • DCS → August 17th.
  • David Bisbal → August 18th.
  • Rozalén → August 19th.
  • Siempre así → August 20th.
  • Miguel Poveda → August 21th.
  • Luz Casal → August 22th.
  • Pablo López → August 24th.
  • Los Morancos → August 25th.
  • Melendi → August 26th.
  • Morat → August 27th and 28th.
  • Aitana → August 29th.


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