Each year the number of visitors to the marina in Marbella is increasing. But this summer has far exceeded the expected statistics. The space dedicated to ships has been fully occupied, with an extensive waiting list in all lengths. So much so that the town raised months ago to extend the waiting dock, being subsequently approved and being accelerated by this increase. The works are expected to begin this month and be ready in a couple of months.

Currently, the marina of Marbella has 377 berths, with a large percentage (60%) being owned or rented boats that are docked monthly or annually. The rest corresponds to weekly or multi-day rentals, which are those that have had a waiting list from June to August.

Therefore, the level of activity of the port has increased, increasing the demand for activities carried out there, such as the rental of jet skis, paddle surfing, catamarans, diving, snorkeling and endless marine activities. And not only that, but it has also improved the local economy, as well as nearby towns.

Until 12 years ago, the marina of Marbella had only 6 establishments, but after the reception of this, which began its activity at that time, has only grown, exponentially increasing the number of visitors and establishments located in the zone.

Therefore, the planned action routes are several:

  • Extension of the waiting dock. The draft of the vessels that dock in that part of the enclosure will be expanded.
  • Dredging. The inlet of the port will be reinforced, in order to clean the seabed of the port. Although for this, we have to wait a little longer, until 2020, since they are currently conducting bathymetry studies, analyzing the amount of sand that is recommended to remove.

Finally, although it is not an extension action as such, it is also intended to improve the environment of the port and make a new decoration of the car park, with the aim of integrating much more with the image of the city.