If Marbella is characterized by something, it is for its beaches, shops and nightlife, but it also has a multitude of highly recommended green areas to visit, such as the Constitution Park, a place full of mature trees, water fountains and winding roads where the Nature will be your faithful companion for as long as you are there. But, if you have ease to move around and you love nature, you can discover other wonderful places that we will recommend below:

Juanar Plains

Another of the most recommended places in Marbella are the Juanar Plains. It is located behind the La Cañada shopping center. It is a place surrounded by spectacular kilometer forests. You will find a lot of green, flora and fauna. You can see a lot of wildlife like mountain goats, eagles and other birds. The park has several routes, six specifically. Depending on the weather and your fitness you can do one or the other.

Near Marbella you can also find other must-see places for nature and adventure lovers.


Ronda has wonderful landscapes, such as the renowned Tajo de Ronda. Although it also has several hiking trails to explore. Ronda is also recognized for its wine, being able to visit its wineries.



Just half an hour from Marbella you can find Mijas, a place of tourism both in the town, as in the countryside, as it has some hiking trails in the back of the town. In the Tourist Office you can find the necessary information. You also have the option to take guided walks if you prefer to go into nature in a group and meet people.



El Torcal de Antequera

He is a little more withdrawn from Marbella but his visit is highly recommended. It is one of the most striking natural parks in the area. Its spectacular rock formations and a multitude of wild animals will make any nature lover fall in love with it. It has 3 well-marked free access routes. As in Ronda, depending on your time and fitness, you can do one or the other. When you visit the Torcal, go to the Dolmens of Antequera, ancient prehistoric burial chambers with a lot of history and a UNESCO World Heritage site.



Gibraltar is one hour away from Marbella. When you go there you can visit the Mediterranean Steps, impressive place with incredible views, where, in addition, you can meet the famous apes of Gibraltar.

Caminito del Rey

It is recognized internationally, becoming one of the most recommended activities if you visit the province of Malaga. Of course, tickets are in high demand, so if you want to visit you must take it out in time. It is a gorge of 7.5 km of cliff travel. It also has an incredible suspension bridge for adrenaline lovers.

As you can see, Marbella is a central point surrounded by nature. It is ideal for an active holiday, where to discover stunning landscapes. If you need a place to stay do not worry, contact us and we will take care of everything.