alquiler de apartamentos en marbella

The Costa del Sol is characterized by its Mediterranean temperature throughout the year. Although, logically, a not so warm temperature is noticed in winter. But the last thing you can do is fall into the routine and stay at home. Therefore, we want to give you some tips so you do not go cold on your trip to Marbella:

Wrap up

When you are packing you may feel like throwing more summer clothes but it’s not summer. Both in the morning and from the end of the afternoon it begins to cool. But that doesn’t mean it’s cold all day. Usually, there are days that around mid-morning until mid-afternoon, the temperature is very pleasant, being able, someday, to stay in short sleeves. Of course, he wears warm clothes because the moment the sun goes down it will start to get cold.

Choose restaurants carefully

In Marbella there are spectacular restaurants with a terrace where you can enjoy sunny days, but also with a covered area for the coldest moments. Here are some recommendations:

  • Mosh Fun Kitchen. Ideal for a lively night backed by the cold, with good music and good food.
  • Ta-Kumi. You will try one of the best Japanese foods in the center of Marbella. Its interior space is very nice and comfortable for winter.
  • Paco Jiménez. This restaurant offers traditional Spanish food as well as a cozy dining room with a fireplace and family historical objects.
  • Messina. It is a restaurant for lovers of quality cuisine, as it has a Michelin star.
  • Patagonian Treasury. Ideal to enjoy a steak and a casual dinner with an incredible atmosphere. It is usually complete, especially in winter.

Practice sport and active activities

Sunny winter days are ideal for enjoying sports activities. You can go for example to do Golf, if you are staying in the complex of the gardens of Santa María Golf, go out to the countryside to walk, ride a bike through Marbella or the mountains or ride horses among other activities. If you have a car you can also go to the renowned Caminito del Rey, a spectacular gorge located between Álora and Árdales.

Art and culture are also enjoyed in winter

For rainy days a good plan is to go to the art galleries and museums of Malaga, Mijas and / or Marbella. In Estepona there are also some highly recommended museums.

Escape one day

Making a getaway always comes in handy, but making a winter getaway feels much better because you avoid the crowds of traffic and people. Just a few hours from Marbella is the picturesque Granada, a city characterized by its Andalusian culture, history and charm. Also, near Marbella is Ronda, with its impressive throat and high quality wines, and Mijas, which has hiking trails, an art gallery where the works of the best painters worldwide are exhibited or a chocolate factory. You can also go skiing to Sierra Nevada. It’s great to wake up overlooking the beach in the morning and ski in the afternoon.


As you can see, Marbella has a multitude of plans also in winter. You don’t have to worry about accommodation. We have several complexes adapted to your needs, so you just have to write to us and we will organize your stay.